Scientific name     

Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. subsp. sesquipedalis     
Vigna sinensis (L.) Hassk. subsp. sesquipedalis     
Vigna sesquipedalis (L.) Agcaoili     
Dolichos sesquipedalis Linn.     
Jiang dou (Chin.)

Common names

Sitaw (Tag.)
Asparagus bean (Engl.)
Long-podded cowpea (Engl)
Yardlong bean (Engl.)
Yardlong cowpea (Engl.)
Snake bean (Engl)
String bean (Engl.)
Dou jiao (Chin.)
Other vernacular names

ARABIC: Lubya baladi.
CHINESE: Dou jou, Hong dou, Chang jiang dou, Dau gok.
DANISH: Aspargesbonne, Kaempeaspargesbonne, Meterbonne.
FRENCH: Dolique asperge, Dolique géante, Haricot kilomètre, Haricot asperge.
GERMAN: Spargelbohne, Langbohne.
INDIA: Eeril
ITALIAN: Fagiolo asparago, Fagiolo gigante.
JAPANESE: Juuroku sasage.
KHMER: Sandaek troeung.
MALAY: Kacang belut, Kacang panjang, Kacang tolo.
PORTUGUESE: Feijao-chicote, Feijao-espargo, Dolico gigante.
RUSSIAN: Boby sparzhevye, Metrovye boby, Sparzhevaia fasol', Vigna v'jushchaiasia.
SPANISH: Dolico esparrago, Judía espárrago, Poroto esparrago, Dólico gigante.
THAI: Tuk fak yaow, Tua phnom.
VIETNAMESE: Dau dua, Dau giai ao.

Sitaw is an herbaceous climbing plant grown for it strikingly long edible pods. Leaves are trifoliate, green, oval and smooth-edged. Flowers are purplish, about 1.5 centimeters long, giving out green and slender yardlong pods.



Culinary / Nutrition

• Pods are eaten fresh or cooked, best when young and slender.
• Good source of protein, vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, phosphorus and potassium. A very good source of vitamin C, folate, magnesium and manganese.
• 100 gm give 47 calories, 0 fat, 0 cholesterol, 8 gms of carbohydrates and 3 gm of protein.
• No reported folkloric medicinal use in the Philippines.

• Antiproliferative / HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitory Activity: A lectin with a unique hemagglutinating activity was isolated from Vigna sesquipedalis cv ground bean. The ground bean lectin exhibited mitogenic activity on murine splenocytes. The viability of hepatoma (HepG2), leukemia (L1210 and M1) cells was reduced in the presence of ground bean lectin while also exerting an inhibitory activity toward HIV-1 reverse transcriptase IC50.

• Lipids / Phytoconstituents: Dried edible seeds of six varieties of V unguiculata and two of P vulgaris were analyzed for chemical constituents. The paper highlights safety and nutritive values. Some composition values for VU were: protein 20.5-31%, fat 1.14-3.03%, fiber 1.70 -4.5%, carbohydrate 56-65.7%. Potassium was the most abundant element inn the seeds

Seasonal produce.

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